Casa de los Sabores #1

25 August 2009

Flores de calabaza stuffed with corn, cheese, epazote, squash and onion

Flores de calabaza stuffed with corn, cheese, epazote, squash and onion and drizzled with local honey

I’m just so happy.  I finally got to make stuffed squash blossoms.  Squash blossoms aren’t listed on the NYC Greenmarket’s list of what’s available, but hopefully that’s an oversight.  However, there’s no chance that they’ll cost $1 for 10 like they do here in Oaxaca!

With two days to go in Mexico, I am filling my time with a final two cooking classes at Casa de Los Sabores.  The menu for today’s class was a mix of Oaxacan and Pueblan specialities:  Flores de calabaza rellenas de requeson (Squash blossoms filled with requeson–like ricotta cheese), salsa verde asada (smoky tomatillo salsa), sopa azteca (tortilla soup seasoned with avocado leaves), chiles en nogada (poblano chiles filled with chicken and fruit, in a nut sauce) and flan de coco (coconut flan). 

Believe it or not, I’m hungry again only three hours later.  My innkeeper tells me this is because I took a nap while I was full; he says this pattern of eating, sleeping and waking hungry to eat again is called “mal de cuchi” (directly translates to “bad of piggie”).  Si, soy cuchi.


3 Responses to “Casa de los Sabores #1”

  1. Stuffed zucchini blossoms are one of my favorites. I usually stuff them with ricotta. Will you share your recipe? Can’t wait to hear more tales of your trip!

  2. Fran said

    At Casa Bordonaro, you could have gotten 10 squash blossoms for free this summer. Not only did we plant squash, but our compost pile exploded with volunteers. We’re about “squashed out”, but would love to try the recipe you learned. Love, Mom

  3. young whan said

    Hey, thanks for sharing the stories and photos! Students are coming in a week!

    young whan

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